Behind the Dune v14.3 review

Faithful to the work of Frank Herbert, a fine game with high quality erotic content.

A tribute to Frank Herbert

David Goujard – also known as Balsamique on Deviantart – is an artist with quite a unique style.

His game takes place in Dune’s universe, a sci-fi novel written by Frank Herbert and published in 1965 that inspired a lot of other science-fiction works, especially Star Wars’ desert planet Tatooine. It relates the story of Paul Atreides, a young noble. Paul’s family receives Arrakis, a desert planet, as a present from the Emperor. Arrakis is the only planet where a rare spice can be harvested. This spice gives the power to travel through space and foresee the future. Of course, other factions want to take control over Arrakis, and Paul will face adversity on this new planet that will turn him into a new kind of leader for Arrakis and his own House.

Uncommon gameplay for an erotic game

In Behind the Dune, the main gameplay consists of harvesting spice, safeguarding your production means against sandworms, and using this money to progress through the story. Compared to most adult games, Behind the Dune develops quite consistent and original gameplay, which is noteworthy. However, as the game is quite long to complete – which is great, don’t get me wrong – this can become a bit tedious, especially because travel animations unskippable, and going from one place to another is something you are going to do quite a lot.

An arousing quest to take part in

David is an awesome artist. Beyond well crafted backgrounds, characters are both really close to their original appearance, and sexualized in a very elegant way. There is a decent amount of sex scenes, with various fetishes explored, and it is definitely high quality.

One thing to notice is related to David’s art: female characters have massive boobs. All of them. Don’t expect barely pubescent flat chested teen girls, that’s not how we do things here. All females are full-grown women. This isn’t a flaw per se, but if you’re exclusively into modest body types, this may be not for you. In contrast, bust-lovers will be in heaven.

A genuine videogame

Not all erotic games are interesting to play beyond their adult artworks to unveil. Even though the gameplay becomes quite redundant at some point, it remains some of the best in its category. Moreover, the game is long enough for you to get acquainted with its immersive universe. Technically and artistically on point, it’s a real pleasure to spend a couple of hours in this reinterpretation of Dune’s universe, escorted by the original soundtrack from the 1992 Dune PC game. Also, the visual style will definitely bring back in time people who have known early 3D adventure games like Another World (1991).


If you are here, there is a high chance you like both adult art and videogames, so I see no reason why you shouldn’t play this game.

Behind the Dune is a game based on Frank Herbert famous novel “ Dune “. Inspired by the first 1992 PC game simply named Dune, Behind the Dune is a nicely done tribute to Dune’s universe and early polygon 3D games. The adult content is abundant and of good quality. People familiar with Dune’s universe may be more comfortable with the complex background story and quests at some few moments though.
  • This game is actually a game! It would be interesting to play even without its adult content.
  • The visual style is close to the first Dune video game (1992 ) and other early polygon 3D adventure games like Another World (1991).
  • The game remains faithful to Frank Herbert’s books.
  • The creator has a deep knowledge of Dune’s universe and story.
  • Original music (!) from the 1992 Dune PC game by Stéphane Pick.
  • Sexy characters. Abundance of huge titties. Paradise for boobs lover.
  • A lot of small animations. A real attention to detail.
  • Free game!
  • May be confusing at some points for players who don’t know Dune’s universe and storyline.
  • Mining Spice can be a bit repetitive.
  • The non-skippable Ornithopter animation is annoying in the long run.
Eroticism - 9
Audio - 7
Graphics - 8
Gameplay - 8
Longevity - 8

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